shorten [shôrt′'n]
1. to make short or shorter; reduce in length, amount, or extent
2. to furl or reef (a sail) so that less canvas is exposed to the breeze
3. to add shortening in making (pastry, etc.) for crispness or flakiness
to become short or shorter
SYN.- SHORTEN implies reduction in length, extent, or duration [to shorten a rope, a visit, one's life, etc. ]; CURTAIL implies a making shorter than was originally intended, as because of necessity or expediency [expenditures curtailed because of a reduced income ]; ABRIDGE implies reduction in compass by condensing, omitting parts, etc. but usually connotes that what is essential is kept [to abridge a dictionary ]; ABBREVIATE usually refers to the shortening of a word or phrase by contraction or by substitution of a symbol, but also has extended, sometimes jocular applications [an abbreviated costume ] -ANT. LENGTHEN, EXTEND

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